RC Bash Fests

The 2013 BashFest Season

The "MayDay Bash"
is Coming MAy 25th! 4 All New Events!!
at Slot and Wing

Speed Run Winner

Brandon Reich 54mph
Traxxas Slash 4x4

Brushless Monster Truck
Obstacle Course Winner

Dennis Bleichner
Traxxas E-Revo

Brushed 1/10th Scale
Obstacle winner

Marcus higgins
Traxxas Rustler

Nitro Monster Truck
obstacle Winner

James Branch
Mugen MBX 5T

Brushless 1/10th Scale
Obstacle Winner

Brandon Reich
Traxxas Slash 4x4

Brushless 1/10th Scale
OBstacle 2nd Place Winner

Austin Howard
Traxxas Slash 4x4

The Last bash Was a Blast!

RC SKI Car Winner

Brandon Lynch
Traxxas T-maxx 450pts

Brushless Monster Truck
Sumo Winner

Cameron Miller
Traxxas E-Revo

1/10th scale Sumo Winner

Justin Pike
Traxxas Slash

1/10th Scale Royal Sumo Winner

Bobby peeler
Traxxas Slash 4X4

High Jump Winner

Stephen Bleichner  28 Ft
Losi 8ight

1/10th Scale Demo Derby Winner
Justin Pike with his Traxxas Slash
Forgot to get the Pic!!!

Monster Truck
Demolition Derby Winner

Cameron Miller
Traxxas E-Maxx

Each Event is $5 per Car


RC Rat Tunnel: In front of your car will be a start line followed by a ramp leading into a tile. Your initiative is to drive through the tile without flipping over. If you flip it results in a failure to finish. If you make it to the end of the tunnel you have to jump out of the tile without flipping again and cross the finish line. This event will be timed to appoint a winner. Classes do not Apply!

RC High Wire: You are tasked to drive across a 30ft but only 1 1/2" wide straight that is adjustable in width in order to center the tires of all vehicles over the straights. The driver who makes it furthest wins! Any drivers who make it all the way across will result in a drive off! Classes do not apply.

RC Jousting:  An arrow and a balloon will be attached to the Top of your vehicle at a regulated height. Your opponent will be placed straight ahead and on the otherside of a barrier. The goal is to pop your opponents balloon.  When both cars miss each others balloons the result will be a redo until a balloon is popped. Each joust must result in a popped balloon. Each match will consist of 3 jousts. Winner moves up the bracket. Classes Do not Apply!

RC Sumo: 2 Cars will be put onto a platform and the goal will be to push your opponent off of the platform. There will be 3 Rounds per Sumo. The first to hit the ground is the loser of that round. If it’s questionable there will be a do over. This will be a bracketed event. CARS WILL NOT BE FLIPPED OVER ONCE THEY ARE ON THEIR TOP, the round will continue until a car hits the ground. No weighting cars. We don’t want to see any weight that is going to give anyone a ridiculous advantage over their opponent.  You may however use the heaviest RC motor you can find, or the heaviest RC batteries or the heaviest RC tires etc. Just don’t have any extra component on your car that isn’t required to run the car. Only plastic bodies allowed and no added weight to the bodies. Keep it fair and fun for everyone!! Once the 2 Car sumos are done, we will arrange a maximum 4 car sumo for each class. And open challanges are aloud after the organized sumos are over. Classes Apply!

THE LAST EVENT IS A SECRET! Your hints are there are no classes, it is a Team Event, and it involves accurate jumping!

Please Be Aware that these events are designed to go faster and not drag on throughout the day as last bash. As you all know, I felt the burn just as bad as anyone else that day, so this will not happen again. I promise! ~ Cole 


2wd Brushless

4wd Brushless

2wd 1/10th Scale Brushed

4X4 1/10th Scale Brushed

Brushed Monster Truck Class

Brushless Monster Truck Class

2wd 1/10th Scale Nitro

4x4 1/10th scale Nitro

Nitro Monster Truck Class

Rock Crawlers

1/5th Scale Gas Class

 Classes Apply to everyone unless there is only 1 person in a class or unless the event deems otherwise. If there is only one person in a class, that person will be asked to join the next most similar class. this will only happen by consent of that person and by the consent from the rest of that class.

  Preregister at Slot and wing!
Register 10AM-11AM, Bash starts at 12am

DRIVER/Marshall Meeting at Driver Stand 11:30AM
Be There or BE Disqualified!

Note: Bashfests are known to the state of California to Cause Cancer from Burning in the Sun. Bring Sunscreen and Wet Towel or Risk your complexion!



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